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Office of Education Abroad “First Step Information Session”

Give an Applaud For Studying Abroad

Hey everyone, this week I was privileged to attend the Office of Education Abroad “First Step Information Session” at Villanova University in Falvey Memorial Library, Room 205. The event is worth sharing due to the benefits it provides to students. The biggest of these benefits consist of academic discovery, personal growth, cross-cultural understanding, and career exploration. All these factors are vital in forming and outlining the plan of one’s future, professional life. Although studying abroad is not a program that is meant for everyone, it is a great chance for one fascinated by other cultures to invest time and effort in exploring and learning about a foreign country.  

Since the education abroad opportunity holds such great importance in developing key life skills, it has numerous requirements to participate. These requirements include maintaining a minimum of a 2.75 GPA, being a full-time student, not being on probation, having no holds on one’s Villanova account, being enrolled in a full class load which is a minimum of three to and maximum of six courses. All undergraduate majors are eligible to study abroad but must study a language as well and receive a grade of a C or better in all classes in order to get credit. These classes do not appear on one’s GPA; however, they are present on one’s transcript.

Although grades from the program are not calculated in GPA, credit can still be received because students abroad enroll in another University, in the country they are abroad in, that is partners with Villanova. The University is verified and working with Villanova allowing the credits to be used as Villanova credits upon one’s return to campus. Since the classes are different than those in the curriculum of Villanova, students interested in education abroad meet with their academic advisor to have their classes approved and possibly even receive special classes depending on their individual goals and situation.

Similar to how classes and class schedules are different on the study abroad program, payment in terms of housing and dining is unalike as well. Payment is acquired in two transactions: one in //which the student pays Villanova and another in which Villanova then pays the abroad University selected by the prospective student.

Personally, I encourage Villanova students to consider and take advantage of the great study abroad program Villanova has and attend the Education Abroad Information Session as it reveals the benefits and opportunities studying abroad offers. I plan to study abroad myself in Europe although I am unaware of the specific country that I want to do it in.

Who thinks they are interested in study abroad? If so, what country? Why do you want to study abroad? I hope you liked my blog post and share it to friends and family.


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